Quality driven accreditation and clinical excellence certifications for America’s hospitals

Healthier healthcare with ISO quality standards

Every time someone calls ISO a "manufacturing" standard, we smile. Because we're thinking of the hospitals - more every day - using ISO protocols to manufacture better patient care.

Patty Scott, IASIS Healthcare
Patty Scott, IASIS Healthcare
These passionate, dedicated healthcare professionals are separating fact from fiction when it comes to the world’s premier quality management system, ISO 9001:2008.


All by itself ISO is a framework perfectly suited to the complex, variable world of healthcare delivery. But when it is fully integrated with the Medicare Conditions of Participation, and proven effective by hospitals nationwide, you have something truly unique in the world of accreditation.
Based on extensive customer interaction, DNV believes that most hospitals in the US are ISO ready based on their current quality programs. DNV’s NIAHO®  accreditation program helps hospitals go to the next level, and to apply a more formal framework for quality that ensures even the smallest act of innovation is captured, shared and consistently applied to the benefit of staff and patients.